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  1. Praveen
    Praveen at |

    I guess it might not fair to include Amish in that list with Chetan Bhagat. The former’s writing style is more refined and critically acclaimed (although he’s only 2 books old). His books are of international standards and caters to a mainstream audience. Amish, simply put, is in a different league altogether.

    The commercial success of Chetan’s books can be attributed to the 3 points mentioned (those movies surely helped too!). His books do bring in a completely new audience. For instance, I could never persuade my college going cousin to pick a copy of Immortals of Meluha. It just isn’t ‘my taste’, he says. But, he’s a big fan of Chetan’s books.

    Yes. They both happened to have a management degree from IIM. But then, I couldn’t help wonder if it’s nothing more than a case of coincidence? I mean, Hemingway, Capote & Stephen King all battled alcohol addiction. We could then say there’s a connect between alcoholics who are writers and award-winning novels!

    “Whatever it is, they made an entire nation read”.

    That is very true. And I hope it makes people move to other, more ‘classical’ books as well. After all, as stated in The Hindu’s latest repartee to TOI’s campaign, people do want to ‘Stay ahead of the Times’ and I hope Woodpie brings in that culture!

    Good luck and eagerly awaiting your launch!

  2. Smitesh SS
    Smitesh SS at |

    Could not agree more on the success of the new breed of writers and their creations which brings a refreshing new take on casual reading. It’s simple and it’s fun. In my opinion the answers to the little bird’s questions lies within. It’s the combination of the factors raised which pleases various sections of readers resulting in a populous choice.

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