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3 Responses

  1. سالم
    سالم at |

    Aladdin is Arab story, and all names in aladdin is arab names , there is no chinese names in Aladdin story ,
    and Chinese does not believe in jinn, Arabs and Muslims who believe in jinn,
    And the only reason to mention the China Country to add excitement, or because Arabs who ruled parts of China (Trkisan) at this time (Trkisan) was Part of the Arab Muslim Empire .
    and there was a lot of Arabs and Muslims lived in Turkestan before China occupies Turkistan and Nazis Communists do the killing and expulsion Against Muslims, Now Chinese Muslims in Trkisan became a minority and most of them are exposed to persecution and deportation.
    watch this >

    1. Tom Smith
      Tom Smith at |

      But hurt little arab troll…bwahahah go blow yourself up stupid.

  2. QLovely
    QLovely at |

    I remember this version as a child. Disney’s version is very different from the way I remember it. There was a musical that aired on pbs when I was about seven years old (80’s) which had a Chinese cast. Probably not all Asian because you know back then the appropriation of mimicking other cultures was not considered taboo like it is today.
    Anyway, I loved this version as a child. Then I saw Fairytale Theater with Shelly Duvall, and James Earl Jones as the Genie in that version and I loved that too…. I do wish I could find that Chinese version on film again.

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